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# quickref
The `quickref` ASDF system currently provides helper functions used to bridge
the gap between `declt` and `quicklisp`.
Quickref generates a website with reference manuals for every
[Quicklisp]( library available.
To launch the generation of documentation for every quicklisp package, use the
[`qlmapper`]( package with `test_declt.lisp`:
The reference manuals are generated by
## Using `quickref`:
From the lisp REPL, just do:
(qlmapper:map-releases "repo-path/test_declt.lisp")
(ql:quickload "quickref")
This will trigger a complete cycle, which includes downloading and installing
the Quicklisp packages, generating the .texi files for all of them thanks to,
and generating the final website structure by converting the .texi files to
The generated files can by default be found in `$HOME/quickref/`.
## Docker image:
A Docker image is available, it ships with a complete build environment that
aims to reproduce the one used to create the Quicklisp releases.
To run quickref from the image just do:
docker pull quickref/quickref
docker run quickref/quickref
This will run `(quickref:refresh)` in the image.
To list packages where the installation or generation of documentation failed,
execute the `` script in quicklisp's package directory
(usually `~/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software`)
This will create a `missing_texi.txt` file with directories missing the texi
You can then get the produced files with
docker cp my-container:/home/quickbuilder/quickref .
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