Commit 9ec79502 authored by Roland Levillain's avatar Roland Levillain
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Use Automake's silent-rules.

	* Here.
parent 824b1981
2013-02-13 Roland Levillain <>
Use Automake's silent-rules.
* Here.
2013-02-13 Roland Levillain <>
Disable Automake's extra-portability warnings.
......@@ -39,8 +39,11 @@ AC_CONFIG_FILES([build-aux/Makefile])
# Automake 1.11.2 or newer (Debian GNU/Linux 6 ships Automake 1.11.1
# only), at which point we'll use the new AM_PROG_AR macro instead.
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.11 subdir-objects check-news tar-ustar dist-bzip2
parallel-tests nostdinc
parallel-tests nostdinc silent-rules
-Wall -Wno-extra-portability])
# By default, let "make" hide the compilation command and display a
# "GEN ..." message, unless V=1 is passed to "make".
# Package metadata.
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