Commit ab7704c3 authored by Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara
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doc/ Fix path to documentation.

parent 720b4ac0
2013-04-12 Guillaume Lazzara <>
* doc/ Fix path to documentation.
2013-04-12 Guillaume Lazzara <>
Use relative paths in documentation.
......@@ -233,4 +233,4 @@ doc-teamcity:
sed -i -e "s,../../../../milena/doc/$(USER_REFMAN)/html,../milena.doc/,g" \
-e "s,../../../../scribo/doc/$(USER_REFMAN)/html,../scribo.doc/,g" \
-e "s,../../../../doc/$(USER_REFMAN)/html,../olena.doc/,g" \
`find $(USER_REFMAN).tmp/html -name '*.html'`
`find $(srcdir)/$(USER_REFMAN) -name '*.html'`
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