Commit b1517995 authored by Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara Committed by Roland Levillain
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debian/rules: Add missing required rules.

Signed-off-by: Roland Levillain's avatarRoland Levillain <>
parent 46bdb024
2012-05-23 Guillaume Lazzara <>
* debian/rules: Add missing required rules.
2012-05-22 Guillaume Lazzara <>
Add missing description in manpages.
......@@ -44,7 +44,9 @@ install: build
$(MAKE) DESTDIR="$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp" install
# Build architecture independant packages.
build-indep: build install
build-indep: build
binary-indep: build-indep install
dh_installchangelogs -i
......@@ -59,7 +61,9 @@ build-indep: build install
dh_builddeb -i
# Build architecture dependant packages.
build-arch: build install
build-arch: build
binary-arch: build-arch install
dh_installchangelogs -a
......@@ -83,6 +87,6 @@ build-arch: build install
dh_md5sums -a
dh_builddeb -a
binary: build-arch build-indep
binary: binary-arch binary-indep
.PHONY: install build clean build-indep build-arch binary
.PHONY: install build clean binary-indep binary-arch binary
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