Commit d843b6cd authored by Roland Levillain's avatar Roland Levillain
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Fix read permissions on uploaded PDF files.

	* Here.
parent 81ebf314
2010-04-29 Roland Levillain <>
Fix read permissions on uploaded PDF files.
* Here.
2010-04-27 Roland Levillain <>
......@@ -36,10 +36,12 @@ chmod -R a+r $DEST/olena-$REV.tar.bz2
# Upload a copy of the reference manual and other documentation.
mkdir -p $DEST_DOC
cp milena/doc/ref-guide.pdf $DEST_DOC
cp milena/doc/tutorial.pdf $DEST_DOC
cp milena/doc/user-refman.pdf $DEST_DOC
cp milena/doc/white-paper.pdf $DEST_DOC
# BuildBots' buildslaves set umask to 077 in their default
# configuration. Set read permissions for all on uploaded files.
cp milena/doc/ref-guide.pdf $DEST_DOC && chmod a+r $DEST_DOC/ref-guide.pdf
cp milena/doc/tutorial.pdf $DEST_DOC && chmod a+r $DEST_DOC/tutorial.pdf
cp milena/doc/user-refman.pdf $DEST_DOC && chmod a+r $DEST_DOC/user-refman.pdf
cp milena/doc/white-paper.pdf $DEST_DOC && chmod a+r $DEST_DOC/white-paper.pdf
rm -rf $DEST_DOC/user-refman.tmp
rm -rf $DEST_DOC/white-paper.tmp
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