Commit 073e0d53 authored by Edwin Carlinet's avatar Edwin Carlinet
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Add some color literals.

    * mln/colors/literal.hpp: New literals.
parent a81c893e
......@@ -19,9 +19,14 @@ namespace mln
//using blue_t = literal_color<rgb8, rgb8{0,0,255}>;
constexpr rgb8 black{0,0,0};
constexpr rgb8 red{255,0,0};
constexpr rgb8 green{0,255,0};
constexpr rgb8 blue{0,0,255};
constexpr rgb8 white{255,255,255};
constexpr rgb8 cyan{0,255,255};
constexpr rgb8 yellow{255,255,0};
constexpr rgb8 magenta{255,0,255};
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