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    * src/ltlvisit/clone.cc (clone): New const version. · 3991a51a
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    * src/ltlvisit/clone.hh (clone): Likewise.
    * src/ltlvisit/destroy.cc (destroy): New const version.
    * src/ltlvisit/destroy.hh (destroy): Likewise.
    * src/tgba/tgbabddconcretefactory.cc
    tgba_bdd_concrete_factory::promise): Clone new formulae.
    * src/tgba/tgbabdddict.cc (tgba_bdd_dict::tgba_bdd_dict,
    tgba_bdd_dict::~tgba_bdd_dict, tgba_bdd_dict::operator=): New methods
    that clone and destroy formulae.
    * src/tgbatest/ltl2tgba.test, src/tgbatest/ltl2tgba.cc: New files.
    * src/tgbatest/Makefile.am (check_PROGRAMS): Add ltl2tgba.
    (ltl2tgba_SOURCES): New variable.
    (TESTS): Add ltl2tgba.test.
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