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* README: Update.

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2004-08-09 Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>
* README: Update.
* m4/gccoptim.m4: Compute optimization flags for CXX too.
* m4/ndebug.m4: Update CPPFLAGS, not CFLAGS.
......@@ -46,8 +46,44 @@ flags specific to Spot:
Enable debugging symbols, turn off aggressive optimizations, and
turn on assertions. This options is effective by default in
turn on assertions. This option is effective by default in
development versions (version numbers ending with a letter).
It is equivalent to
Disable development options. This is the case by default in
releases (version numbers NOT ending with a letter).
It is equivalent to
Here are the meaning of the fine-tuning options, in case
enable/disable-devel is not enough.
Control assertion checking.
Whether warnings should be output. Note that during development
we consider warnings to be errors.
Whether to compile extra debugging code.
Whether the compilation should be optimized. When FLAGS are
given, use these as optimization flags. Otherwise, pick working
flags from a built-in list.
Layout of the source tree
......@@ -64,9 +100,9 @@ src/ Sources for libspot.
ltltest/ Tests for ltlast/, ltlenv/, ltlparse/, and ltlvisit/.
misc/ Miscellaneous support files.
tgba/ TGBA objects and cousins.
tgbaalgos/ Algorithms on TGBAs.
tgbaalgos/ Algorithms on TGBA.
gtec/ Generalized Tarjan Emptiness-Check.
tgbaparse/ Parser for explicit TGBAs.
tgbaparse/ Parser for explicit TGBA.
tgbatest/ Tests for tgba/, tgbaalgos/, and tgbaparse/.
doc/ Documentation for libspot.
spot.html/ HTML reference manual.
......@@ -84,8 +120,8 @@ iface/ Interfaces to other libraries.
Third party software
buddy/ A patched version of BuDDy 2.2 (a BDD library).
lbtt/ A patched version of lbtt 1.0.2 (an LTL to Büchi automata test bench).
buddy/ A patched version of BuDDy 2.3 (a BDD library).
lbtt/ A patched version of lbtt 1.1.2 (an LTL to Büchi automata test bench).
Build-system stuff
......@@ -93,3 +129,14 @@ Build-system stuff
m4/ M4 macros used by
tools/ Helper scripts used during the build.
Local Variables:
mode: text
LocalWords: Python's BuDDy LBTT LTL Büchi lbtt gspn DIR GreatSPN Soheib Yann
LocalWords: Baarir Thierry Mieg CVS Università di Torino devel src libspot ac
LocalWords: ltlast ltlenv ltlparse ltlvisit ltltest misc tgba TGBA tgbaalgos
LocalWords: gtec Tarjan tgbaparse tgbatest doc html PDF spotref pdf cgi
LocalWords: CGI ltl iface BDD
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