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* NEWS: Mention the HOA parser.

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......@@ -19,6 +19,25 @@ New in spot 1.99a (not yet released)
The implementation is actually much more efficient
than the previous implementation that was only for LTL.
- There is a parser for the HOA format
( available as a
spot::hoa_stream_parser object or spot::hoa_parse() function.
The former version is able to parse a stream of automata, in
order to do batch processing. This format can be output by all
tools (since Spot 1.2.5) using the --hoa option, and it can be
read by autfilt (by default) and ltlcross (using the %H
specifier). The current implementation does not support:
- acceptance specifications involving "Fin(x)", "|", or "f".
- alternation
but the rest is expected to work. Those restrictions cause the
automaton to be interpretable as a TGBA. In particular,
multiple initial states are converted into an extra initial
state; complemented acceptance sets Inf(!x) are converted to
Inf(x); negated (maybe after duplication); explicit or implicit
labels can be used; aliases are supported; "--ABORT--" can be
used in a stream. The parser currently ignore all optional
headers (starting with a lowercase letter).
- Spot is now compiling in C++11 mode. The set of features we use
requires GCC >= 4.6 or Clang >= 3.1. These minimum versions
are old enough that it should not be an issue to most people.
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