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* NEWS: Mention recent changes.

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New in spot 1.0.2a (not released):
* New features in the library
* New features in the library:
- The postprocessor class now takes an optional option_map
argument that can be used to specify fine-tuning options, making
......@@ -40,19 +40,35 @@ New in spot 1.0.2a (not released):
from the command-line using ltlfilt's --stutter-insensitive
* Command-line tools
* Command-line tools:
- ltl2tgba and ltl2tgta now honor a new --extra-options (or -x)
flag to fine-tune the algorithms used. The available options
are documented in the spot-x (7) manpage.
* Documentation
- The output format of 'ltlcross --json' has been changed slightly.
In a future version we will offer some reporting script that turn
such JSON output into various tables and graphs, and these change
are required to make the format usable for other benchmarks (not
just ltlcross).
* Documentation:
- org-mode files used to generate the documentation about
command-line tools (shown at
is distributed in doc/org/. The resulting html files are also
in doc/userdoc/.
* Bug fixes:
- There was a memory leak in the LTL simplification code, that could
only be triggered when disabling advanced simplifications.
- The translation of the PSL formula !{xxx} was incorrect when xxx
simplified to false.
- Various warnings triggered by new compilers.
New in spot 1.0.2 (2013-03-06):
* New features:
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