Commit 1628b188 authored by Etienne Renault's avatar Etienne Renault
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Remove useless register_propositions method

* src/twa/, src/twa/bdddict.hh,
src/twaalgos/ here.
parent 11b9ada2
......@@ -131,22 +131,6 @@ namespace spot
return num;
bdd_dict::register_propositions(bdd f, const void* for_me)
if (f == bddtrue || f == bddfalse)
int v = bdd_var(f);
assert(unsigned(v) < bdd_map.size());
bdd_info& i = bdd_map[v];
assert(i.type == var);
register_propositions(bdd_high(f), for_me);
register_propositions(bdd_low(f), for_me);
bdd_dict::register_acceptance_variable(const ltl::formula* f,
const void* for_me)
......@@ -109,23 +109,6 @@ namespace spot
/// @}
/// \brief Register BDD variables as atomic propositions.
/// Register all variables occurring in \a f as atomic propositions
/// used by \a for_me. This assumes that these atomic propositions
/// are already known from the dictionary (i.e., they have already
/// been registered by register_proposition() for another
/// automaton).
/// @{
void register_propositions(bdd f, const void* for_me);
template <typename T>
void register_propositions(bdd f, std::shared_ptr<T> for_me)
register_propositions(f, for_me.get());
/// @}
/// \brief whether a proposition has already been registered
/// If \a f has been registered for \a me, this returns
......@@ -1187,14 +1187,6 @@ namespace spot
// Register all known propositions for a. This may contain
// proposition from other parts of the formula being translated,
// but this is not really important as this automaton will be
// short-lived. (Maybe it would even work without this line.)
dict_.dict->register_propositions(dict_.var_set, a);
//print_dot(std::cerr, a);
// The following code trims the automaton in a crude way by
// eliminating SCCs that are not coaccessible. It does not
// actually remove the states, it simply marks the corresponding
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