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* HACKING: Some doc on exporting symbols with SPOT_API.

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......@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ compiler error), while most others (like randtgba, dve2check, randltl,
Coding conventions
Here are the conventions we follow in Spot, so that the code looks
Here some of the conventions we follow in Spot, so that the code looks
homogeneous. Please follow these strictly. Since this is free
software, uniformity of the code matters a lot. Most of these
conventions are derived from the GNU Coding Standards
......@@ -197,6 +197,19 @@ conventions are derived from the GNU Coding Standards
that we do not put a space before the opening parenthesis in function
calls (this is hardly readable when chaining method calls).
Besides cosmetics, some of these conventions are also here
to prevent bugs and make it easier to devise safety checks.
The directory src/sanity/ contains some scripts that are executed
during 'make check' or 'make installcheck' to check some of the
conventions discussed below.
For instance we have a check to ensure that any header can be included
twice, and we have another check to ensure that any header contains a
include guard that follow our naming convention. This way we do not
forget guards, and we do not forget to rename them when a file is
copied into another one.
......@@ -208,6 +221,41 @@ Encoding
In emacs the simplest way to convert the file is to add a comment
with -*- coding: utf-8 -*- at the top or bottom of the file.
Exporting symbols
Since we are building a library, it is important to make a clear
distinction between what is private and what is public. In our
setup, everything is private by default and has to be explicitely
made public.
* If a private symbol is needed only by one module, keep it inside
the *.cc file, in an anonymous namespace. Also mark it as static
if it is a function or variable. This is the best way to let the
compiler and linker know that the symbol is not used elsewhere.
* If a symbol could be used by several modules of the library but
should still be private to the library, use a *.hh/*.cc pair of
files, but list both files in the _SOURCES variable of that
directory (see for instance weight.hh in tgbaalgos/
This will ensure that weight.hh is not installed.
Needless to say, no public header should include such private
* The directory src/priv/ can be used to store file that are globaly
private the library, and that do not really fit belongs to other
* Functions and classes that are public should be marked with
the SPOT_API macro. This macro is defined in misc/common.hh,
but you need not include it in a file that already include
another public header.
* Do not make a symbol public just because you can.
* Read for more
information about how shared library work and why
......@@ -427,7 +475,7 @@ Other style recommandations
* Avoid <iostream>, <ostream>, etc. in headers whenever possible.
Prefer <iosfwd> when predeclarations are sufficient, and then
use for instance use just <ostream> in the corresponding .cc file.
for instance use just <ostream> in the corresponding .cc file.
(A plain <iostream> is needed when using std::cout, std::cerr, etc.)
* Always declare helper functions and other local class definitions
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