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* doc/org/ Typos.

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......@@ -136,11 +136,11 @@ tools:
- '=ltl2tgba --lbtt %s >%T=' (smaller output, TGBA)
- '=ltl2tgba --lbtt -D %s >%T=' (more deterministic output, TGBA)
- '=lbt <%L >%T='
- '=ltl2dstar --ltl2nba=spin:path/tp/ltl2tgba@-sD %L %D='
- '=ltl2dstar --ltl2nba=spin:path/to/ltl2tgba@-sD %L %D='
(deterministic Rabin output)
- '=ltl2dstar --automata=streett --ltl2nba=spin:path/tp/ltl2tgba@-sD
- '=ltl2dstar --automata=streett --ltl2nba=spin:path/to/ltl2tgba@-sD
%L %D=' (deterministic Streett output)
- '=ltl2dstar --ltl2nba=spin:path/tp/ltl2tgba@-sD %L - | dstar2tgba
- '=ltl2dstar --ltl2nba=spin:path/to/ltl2tgba@-sD %L - | dstar2tgba
-s >%N=' (external conversion from Rabin to Büchi done by
=dstar2tgba= for more reduction of the Büchi automaton than
what =ltlcross= would provide)
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