Commit 2c36ef54 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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* src/tgbaalgos/ Ignore useless suspendable subformulae.

parent 92eed082
......@@ -387,13 +387,19 @@ namespace spot
res = sim;
// Create a map of suspended formulae to BDD variables.
spot::formula_bdd_map susp;
ltl_suspender_visitor::fmap_t::const_iterator it;
for (it = g2s.begin(); it != g2s.end(); ++it)
for (auto& it: g2s)
bdd_dict::fv_map::const_iterator j = dict->var_map.find(it->first);
assert(j != dict->var_map.end());
susp[it->second] = bdd_ithvar(j->second);
auto j = dict->var_map.find(it.first);
// If no BDD variable of this suspended formula exist in the
// BDD dict, it means the suspended subformulae was never
// actually used in the automaton. Just skip it. FIXME: It
// would be better if we had a way to check that the variable
// is used in this automaton, and not in some automaton
// (sharing the same dictionary.)
if (j != dict->var_map.end())
susp[it.second] = bdd_ithvar(j->second);
// Remove suspendable formulae from non-accepting SCCs.
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