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kripke: define kripkecube structure

* spot/kripke/kripke.hh: here.
parent cb1af8dd
......@@ -20,9 +20,73 @@
#pragma once
#include <spot/kripke/fairkripke.hh>
#include <spot/twacube/cube.hh>
namespace spot
/// \brief This class is a template representation of a Kripke
/// structure. It is composed of two template parameters: State
/// represents a state of the Kripke structure, SuccIterator is
/// an iterator over the (possible) successors of a state.
/// Do not delete by hand any states and/or iterator that
/// are provided by this template class. Specialisations
/// will handle it.
template<typename State, typename SuccIterator>
class SPOT_API kripkecube
/// \brief Returns the initial State of the System
State initial();
/// \brief Provides a string representation of the parameter state
std::string to_string(const State) const;
/// \brief Returns an iterator over the successors of the parameter state.
SuccIterator* succ(const State);
/// \brief Allocation and deallocation of iterator is costly. This
/// method allows to reuse old iterators.
void recycle(SuccIterator*);
/// \brief This method allow to deallocate a given state.
const std::vector<std::string> get_ap();
/// \brief This method allows to ensure (at compile time) if
/// a given parameter is of type kripkecube. It also check
/// if the iterator has the good interface.
template <typename State, typename SuccIter>
bool is_a_kripkecube(kripkecube<State, SuccIter>&)
// Hardly waiting C++17 concepts...
State (kripkecube<State, SuccIter>::*test_initial)() =
&kripkecube<State, SuccIter>::initial;
std::string (kripkecube<State, SuccIter>::*test_to_string)
(const State) const = &kripkecube<State, SuccIter>::to_string;
auto (kripkecube<State, SuccIter>::*test_recycle)(SuccIter*) =
&kripkecube<State, SuccIter>::recycle;
const std::vector<std::string>
(kripkecube<State, SuccIter>::*test_get_ap)() =
&kripkecube<State, SuccIter>::get_ap;
void (SuccIter::*test_next)() = &SuccIter::next;
State (SuccIter::*test_state)() const= &SuccIter::state;
bool (SuccIter::*test_done)() const= &SuccIter::done;
cube (SuccIter::*test_condition)() const = &SuccIter::condition;
// suppress warnings about unused variables
(void) test_initial;
(void) test_to_string;
(void) test_recycle;
(void) test_get_ap;
(void) test_next;
(void) test_state;
(void) test_done;
(void) test_condition;
// Always return true since otherwise a compile-time error will be raised.
return true;
/// \ingroup kripke
/// \brief Iterator code for Kripke structure
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