Commit 2f19a35e authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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missing changelog entry

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2003-06-02 Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>
* src/tgba/, src/tgba/tgbabdddict.hh: New files.
* src/tgba/ (libtgba_la_SOURCES): Add them.
* src/tgba/ (tgba_bdd_dict::contains): New function.
* src/tgba/tgbabdddict.hh (tgba_bdd_dict::contains): Likewise.
2003-05-28 Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>
* src/tgba/statebdd.hh (state_bdd::as_bdd): Add non-const variant.
......@@ -85,7 +92,7 @@
not a bdd.
* src/tgba/ Likewise.
Initial code for TGBA (Transition Generalized Bchi Automata).
Initial code for TGBA (Transition Generalized Bchi Automata).
Contains tgba_bdd, a BDD-encoded TGBA, and ltl_to_tgba,
a LTL-to-TGBA translator using Couvreur's algorithm.
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