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*, NEWS: Bump version to 0.0v.

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2004-06-29 Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>
*, NEWS: Bump version to 0.0v.
2004-06-28 Thomas Martinez <>
* src/tgbatest/reduccmp.test: Bug.
......@@ -38,7 +42,7 @@
That produces more readable output.
* wrap/python/cgi/ Add "Formula Simplications" options.
* wrap/python/spot.i: Wrap src/ltlvisite/reduce.hh.
* wrap/python/spot.i: Wrap src/ltlvisit/reduce.hh.
* src/ltlvisit/, src/ltlvisit/simpfg.hh: New files,
extracted from ...
New in spot 0.0u:
New in spot 0.0v (2004-06-29):
* LTL formula simplifications using basic rewriting rules,
a-la Wring syntactic approximations, and Etessami's universal
and existential classes.
- Function reduce() in ltlvisit/reduce.hh is the main interface.
- Can be tested with the CGI script.
* TGBA simplifications using direct simulation, delayed simulation,
and SCC-based simplifications. This is still experimental.
* The LTL parser will now read LTL formulae written using Wring's syntax.
* ltl2tgba_fm() now has options for on-the-fly fair-loop approximations,
and Modella-like branching-postponement.
* GreatSPN interface:
- The `declarative_environment' is now part of Spot itself rather than
part of the interface with GreatSPN.
- the RG and SRG interface can deal with dead markings in three
ways (omit deadlocks from the state graph, stutter on the deadlock
and consider as a regular behavior, or stutter and distinguish the
deadlock with a property).
- update SSP interface to Soheib Baarir latest work.
* Preliminary Python bindings for BuDDy's FDD and BVEC.
* Upgrade to BuDDy 2.3.
New in spot 0.0t (2004-04-23):
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
# 02111-1307, USA.
AC_INIT([spot], [0.0u])
AC_INIT([spot], [0.0v])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([gnits nostdinc 1.8])
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