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* src/bin/man/ltlfilt.x: Add a bibliography section.

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......@@ -2,5 +2,38 @@
ltlfilt \- filter files or lists of LTL/PSL formulas
.\" Add any additional description here
Kousha Etessami: A note on a question of Peled and Wilke regarding
stutter-invariant LTL. Information Processing Letters 75(6): 261-263
Describes the transformation behind the \fB\-\-remove\-x\fR option.
Christian Dax, Jochen Eisinger, Felix Klaedtke: Mechanizing the
Powerset Construction for Restricted Classes of
ω-Automata. Proceedings of ATVA'07. LNCS 4762.
Describes the checks implemented by the \fB\-\-safety\fR,
\fB\-\-guarantee\fR, and \fB\-\-obligation\fR options.
Ivana Černá, Radek Pelánek: Relating Hierarchy of Temporal Properties
to Model Checking. Proceedings of MFCS'03. LNCS 2747.
Describes the syntactic LTL classes matched by the
\fB\-\-syntactic\-safety\fR, \fB\-\-syntactic\-guarantee\fR,
\fB\-\-syntactic\-obligation\fR options,
\fB\-\-syntactic\-persistence\fR, and \fB\-\-syntactic\-recurrence\fR
Kousha Etessami, Gerard J. Holzmann: Optimizing Büchi
Automata. Proceedings of CONCUR'00. LNCS 1877.
Describe the syntactic LTL classes matched by \fB\-\-eventual\fR, and
.BR randltl (1)
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