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* NEWS: Mention recent changes.

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New in spot 1.2.3a (not yet released)
Nothing yet.
* Major changes (including backward incompatible changes):
- Spot is now compiling in C++11 mode. The set of features we use
requires GCC >= 4.6 or Clang >= 3.1. These minimum versions
are old enough that it should not be an issue to most people.
- Boost is not used anymore.
- The tgba_succ_iterator interface has changed. Methods next(),
and first() should now return a bool indicating whether the
current iteration is valid.
- The tgba base class has a new method, release_iter(), that can
be called to five a used iterator back to its automaton. This
iterator is then stored in a protected member, iter_cache_, and
all implementations of succ_iter() can be updated to recycle
iter_cache_ (if available) instead of allocating a new iterator.
- The tgba base class has a new method, succ(), to support
C++11' range-based for loop, and hide all the above change.
Instead of the following syntax:
tgba_succ_iterator* i = aut->succ_iter(s);
for (i->first(); !i->done(); i->next())
// use i->current_state()
// i->current_condition()
// i->current_acceptance_conditions()
delete i;
We now prefer:
for (auto i: aut->succ(s))
// use i->current_state()
// i->current_condition()
// i->current_acceptance_conditions()
And the above syntax is really just syntactic suggar for
tgba_succ_iterator* i = aut->succ_iter(s);
if (i->first())
// use i->current_state()
// i->current_condition()
// i->current_acceptance_conditions()
while (i->next());
aut->release_iter(i); // allow the automaton to recycle the iterator
Where the virtual calls to done() and delete have been avoided.
- The long unused interface for GreatSPN (or rather, interface to
a non-public, customized version of GreatSPN) has been removed.
As a consequence, the we could get rid of many cruft in the
implementation of Couvreur's FM'99 emptiness check.
New in spot 1.2.3 (2014-02-11)
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