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doc: simplify a C++ example

* doc/org/ Remove a couple of useless includes.
parent bb23ea99
......@@ -128,17 +128,14 @@ various preferences (like small or deterministic) or characteristic
output as a never claim is done via the =print_never_claim= function.
#+BEGIN_SRC C++ :results verbatim :exports both
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include <spot/tl/parse.hh>
#include <spot/tl/print.hh>
#include <spot/twaalgos/translate.hh>
#include <spot/twaalgos/neverclaim.hh>
int main()
std::string input = "[]<>p0 || <>[]p1";
spot::parsed_formula pf = spot::parse_infix_psl(input);
spot::parsed_formula pf = spot::parse_infix_psl("[]<>p0 || <>[]p1");
if (pf.format_errors(std::cerr))
return 1;
spot::translator trans;
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