Commit 3897c8dc authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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org: include the man pages in the generated userdoc

* doc/ (org-man): New target.
* tools/ Adjust to distinguish source and destination
directories.  Use relative links in genated files.
* NEWS: Mention the html man pages.
parent f7b65001
......@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@ New in spot 1.99.2a (not yet released)
* The CGI script for LTL translation offers a HOA download link
for each generated automaton.
* The html documentation now includes a HTML copies of the man
* Bugs fixed
- Some acceptance conditions like Fin(0)|Fin(1)|Fin(2)&Inf(3)
were not detected as generalized-Rabin.
......@@ -49,12 +49,17 @@ $(srcdir)/spot.html $(srcdir)/spot.tag: $(srcdir)/stamp
# Spot documentation.
dist_pkgdata_DATA = $(srcdir)/spot.tag
.PHONY: org
.PHONY: org org-man
cd $(top_builddir) && $(MAKE) doc/org/init.el
rm -rf $(srcdir)/userdoc
$(MAKE) org-man
$(EMACS) --batch -Q -l org/init.el
mkdir -p $(srcdir)/userdoc/man
$(top_srcdir)/tools/ $(top_srcdir)/src/bin/man $(srcdir)/userdoc/man
org/ \
org/ \
......@@ -29,17 +29,20 @@ sub error($)
exit 1;
error "Specify a directory with man pages\n" if @ARGV != 1;
error "Specify a directory with man pages and a directory for html pages\n"
if @ARGV != 2;
my $dir = @ARGV[0];
my $out = @ARGV[1];
opendir(DIR, $dir) or die $!;
while (my $file = readdir(DIR))
next unless $file =~ m/\.\d$/;
my $ofile = "$out/$file.html";
$file = "$dir/$file";
print "converting $file to $file.html with groff\n";
my $html = `(echo '.HEAD <LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="">'
print "converting $file to $ofile with groff\n";
my $html = `(echo '.HEAD <LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="../spot.css">'
echo '.HEAD <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">'
cat $file) | groff -Kutf8 -mandoc -Thtml - -P -r`;
$html =~ s|GNU GPL version 3 or later.*;|<a href="">GNU GPL version 3 or later</a>|s;
......@@ -52,11 +55,11 @@ while (my $file = readdir(DIR))
$html =~ s|<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><b>([^<>]*?:)\s*<br>|<h3 style="margin-left:11%">$1</h3><p style="margin-left:11%"><b>|smg;
$html =~ s|<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><b>([^<>]*?:)\s*</b>\s*<br>|<h3 style="margin-left:11%">$1</h3><p style="margin-left:11%">|smg;
$html =~ s|<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><b>([^<>]*?:)\s*</b></p>|<h3 style="margin-left:11%">$1</h3>|smg;
$html =~ s@<body>@<body class="man"><div id="org-div-home-and-up"><a accesskey="h" href=""> UP </a>| <a accesskey="H" href=""> HOME </a></div>@;
$html =~ s@<body>@<body class="man"><div id="org-div-home-and-up"><a accesskey="h" href="../tools.html"> UP </a>| <a accesskey="H" href="../index.html"> HOME </a></div>@;
$html =~ s{<b>([\w-]+)</b>\((\d+)\)}{
(-f "$1.$2") ? "<a href=\"$1.$2.html\"><b>$1</b></a>($2)" : $&;
open(FILE, ">$file.html");
open(FILE, ">$ofile") or die $!;
print FILE $html;
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