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Summarize recent changes.

* NEWS: Here.
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New in spot 0.8.3a:
Nothing yet.
* New features:
- A new direct simulation reduction has been implemented. It
works directly on TGBA. It's in src/tgbaalgos/simlation.hh,
and it can be tested via ltl2tgba's -RDS option.
- configure --without-included-lbtt will prevent LBTT from being
configured and built. This helps on systems (such as MinGW)
where LBTT cannot be built. The test-suite will skip any
LBTT-based test if LBTT is missing.
* Interface chances:
- The old game-theory-based implementations for direct and delayed
simulation reductions have been removed. The old direct
simulation would only work on degeneralized automata, and yet
produce results inferior to the new direct simulation introduced
in this release. The implementation of delayed simulation was
unreliable. The function reduc_tgba_sim() has been kept
for compatibility (it calls the new direct simulation whatever
the type of simulation requested) and marked as deprecated.
ltl2tgba's options -Rd, -RD are gone. Options -R1t, -R1s,
-R2s, and -R2t are deprecated and all made equivalent to -RDS.
- The tgba_explicit hierarchy has been reorganized in order to
make room for sba_explicit classes that share most of the code.
The main consequence is that the tgba_explicit type no longuer
exists. However the tgba_explicit_number,
tgba_explicit_formula, and tgba_explicit_string still do.
New in spot 0.8.3 (2012-03-09):
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