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* NEWS: summarize recent changes.

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......@@ -20,6 +20,37 @@ New in spot 1.99.2a (not yet released)
can now include \" and \\. (This is more consistent with the HOA
format, which already allows that.)
* All the conversion routines that were written specifically for
ltl2dstar's output format (DRA->BA & DRA->TGBA) have been ported
to the new TωA structure supporting the HOA format. The DRA->TGBA
conversion was reimplemented in the previous release, and the
DRA->BA conversion has been reimplemented in this release (but it
is still restricted to state-based acceptance). All these
conversions are called automatically by to_generalized_buchi()
or remove_fin() so there should be no need to call them directly.
As a consequence:
- "autfilt --remove-fin" or "autfilt -B" is better at converting
state-based Rabin automata: it will produce a DBA if the input is
deterministic and DBA-realizable, but will preserve as much
determinism as possible otherwise.
- a lot of obsolete code that was here only to support the old
conversion routines has been removed. (The number of lines
removed by this release is twice the number of lines added.)
- ltlcross now uses automata in ltl2dstar's format directly,
without converting them to Büchi (this makes the statistics
reported in CSV files more relevant).
- ltlcross no longer outputs additional columns about the size
of the input automaton in the case ltl2dstar's format is used.
- ltldo uses results in ltl2dstar's format directly, without
converting them to Büchi
- dstar2tgba has been greatly simplified and now uses the
same output routines as all the other tools that output
automata. This implies a few minor semantic changes for
instance --stats=%A used to output the number of acceptance
*pairs* in the input automaton, while it nows output the
number of acceptance sets like in all the other tools.
* Bugs fixed
- Some acceptance conditions like Fin(0)|Fin(1)|Fin(2)&Inf(3)
were not detected as generalized-Rabin.
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