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doc: ltlcross is not only about Büchi anymore

* bin/man/ltlcross.x, doc/org/, doc/org/ Fix
one-line summaries.
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.\" -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
ltlcross \- cross-compare LTL/PSL translators to Büchi automata
ltlcross \- cross-compare LTL/PSL translators to omega-automata
The following commands compare never claims produced by
.BR ltl2tgba (1),
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
#+HTML_LINK_UP: tools.html
=ltlcross= is a tool for cross-comparing the output of LTL-to-Büchi
=ltlcross= is a tool for cross-comparing the output of LTL-to-automata
translators. It is actually a Spot-based clone of [[][LBTT]], the
/LTL-to-Büchi Translator Testbench/, that essentially performs the
same sanity checks.
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ corresponding commands are hidden.
- [[][=genltl=]] Generate LTL formulas from scalable patterns.
- [[][=ltl2tgba=]] Translate LTL/PSL formulas into Büchi automata.
- [[][=ltl2tgta=]] Translate LTL/PSL formulas into Testing automata.
- [[][=ltlcross=]] Cross-compare LTL/PSL-to-Büchi translators.
- [[][=ltlcross=]] Cross-compare LTL/PSL-to-automata translators.
- [[][=ltlgrind=]] List formulas similar to but simpler than a given LTL/PSL
- [[][=dstar2tgba=]] Convert automata with any acceptance into variants of
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