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* HACKING: Some notes about C++11.

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......@@ -225,6 +225,30 @@ forget guards, and we do not forget to rename them when a file is
copied into another one.
Spot uses some C++11 features, and therefore requires a C++11
compiler. However (1) fully C++11-compliant compilers are
not yet well deployed, and (2) development tools have yet
to be updated to provide suitable C++11 support. For instance
Swig 2.0, which we use for the Python bindings, does not
understand C++11. The upcoming release of Swig 3 has better
support for C++11, we should switch to it as soon as possible.
In the meantime, try to keep the C++11-specific syntax in the *.cc
files as much as possible.
Use only C++11 features that are available in clang 3.1 and g++ 4.6:
Library interfaces that should not be used:
- emplace() is not implemented for associative containers
(std::map, std::set, and their unordered ffriends) is
before g++ 4.8. Use
x.insert(std::make_pair(...)) instead of x.emplace(...)
......@@ -273,7 +297,7 @@ Exporting symbols
* The language to use is American.
* The language to use is American English.
* When comments are sentences, they should start with a capital and
end with a dot. Dots that end sentences should be followed by two
......@@ -478,13 +502,13 @@ Naming
Other style recommandations
* Do not use the NULL macro, it is not always implemented in a way
which is compatible with all pointer types. Always use 0 instead.
* The original C++98 code used 0 for null pointers (and never NULL).
Feel free to replace these by uses of C++11's nullptr instead.
* Limit the scope of local variables by defining them as late as
possible. Do not reuse a local variables for two different things.
* Do not systematically initialise local variables with 0 or other
* Do not systematically initialize local variables with 0 or other
meaningless values. This hides errors to valgrind.
* Avoid <iostream>, <ostream>, etc. in headers whenever possible.
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