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Document the changes from the PSL branch.

* NEWS: Here.
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New in spot 0.8.3a:
* New features:
- Operators from the linear fragment of PSL are supported. This
basically extends LTL with Sequential Extended Regulat
Expressions (SERE), and a couple of operators to bridge SERE and
LTL. See doc/tl/tl.pdf for the list of operators and their
- The constructors for temporal formulae will perform some trivial
simplifications based on associativity, commutativity,
idempotence, and neutral elements. See doc/tl/tl.pdf for the
list of such simplifications.
- Formula rewritings have been completely revamped, and augmented
with rules for PSL operators (and some new LTL rules as well).
See doc/tl/tl.pdf for the list of the rewritings implemented.
- Some of these rewritings that may produce larger formulas
(For instance to rewrite "{a;b;c}" as "a & X(b & Xc)".)
may be explicitely disabled with a new option.
- The src/ltltest/randltl tool can now generate random SEREs
and random PSL formulae.
- Only one translator (ltl2tgba_fm) has been augmented to
translate the new SERE and PSL operators. The internal
translation from SERE to DFA is likely to be rewriten in a
future version.
- A new function, length_boolone(), computes the size of an
LTL/PSL formula while considering that any Boolean term
has length 1.
- A new direct simulation reduction has been implemented. It
works directly on TGBA. It's in src/tgbaalgos/simlation.hh,
works directly on TGBAs. It is in src/tgbaalgos/simlation.hh,
and it can be tested via ltl2tgba's -RDS option.
- changes to the on-line translator:
+ SVG output is available
+ can display some properties of a formula
+ new options for direct simulation and larger rewritings
- configure --without-included-lbtt will prevent LBTT from being
configured and built. This helps on systems (such as MinGW)
where LBTT cannot be built. The test-suite will skip any
LBTT-based test if LBTT is missing.
* Interface chances:
- The new entry point for LTL/PSL simplifications is the function
ltl_simplifier::simplify() declared in src/ltlvisit/simplify.hh.
The ltl_simplifier class implements a cache.
Functions such as reduce() or reduce_tau03() are deprecated.
- Formula instances now have many methods to inspect their
properties (membership to syntactic classes, absence of X
operator, etc...) in constant time.
- The old game-theory-based implementations for direct and delayed
simulation reductions have been removed. The old direct
simulation would only work on degeneralized automata, and yet
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