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* NEWS: Summarize recent changes.

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New in spot 0.9a:
* The version of LBTT we distribute include a patch from Tomáš
Babiak to count the number of non-deterministic states, and the
number of deterministic automata produced.
See lbtt/NEWS for the list of other differences with the original
version of LBTT 1.2.1.
* The Couvreur/FM translator has learned two new tricks. These only
help to speedup the translation by not issuing states or
acceptance conditions that would be latter suppresed by other
- The translation rules used to translate subformulae of the G
operator have been adjusted not to produce useless loops
already implied by G. This generalizes the "GF" trick
presented in Couvreur's original FM'99 paper.
- Promises generated for formula of the form P(a U (b U c))
are reduced into P(c), avoiding the introduction of many
promises that imply each other.
* Bug fixes:
- The random SERE generator was using the wrong operators
for "and" and "or", mistaking And/Or with AndRat/OrRat.
- The translation of !{r} was incorrect when this subformula
was recurring (e.g. in G!{r}) and r had loops.
- Correctly recognize ltl2tgba's option -rL.
- Using LTL simplification rules based on syntactic implication,
or based on language containment checks, caused BDD variables
to be allocated in an "unnatural" order, resulting in a slower
translation and a less optimal degeneralization.
- When ltl2tgba reads a neverclaim, it now considers the resulting
TGBA as a Büchi automaton, and will display double circles in
the dotty output.
New in spot 0.9 (2012-05-09):
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