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* doc/tl/tl.tex: Convert to utf-8.

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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
......@@ -1003,7 +1003,7 @@ right & $\U,\,\W,\,\M,\,\R$
Beware that not all tools agree on the associativity of these
operators. For instance Spin, ltl2ba (same parser as spin), Wring,
psl2ba, Modella, and NuSMV all have $\U$ and $\R$ as left-associative,
while Goal (hence Bchi store), LTL2AUT, and LTL2Bchi (from
while Goal (hence Büchi store), LTL2AUT, and LTL2Büchi (from
JavaPathFinder) have $\U$ and $\R$ as right-associative. Vis and LBTT
have these two operators as non-associative (parentheses required).
Similarly the tools do not aggree on the associativity of $\IMPLIES$
......@@ -1157,13 +1157,13 @@ rules:
\node[align=center] (saf) at (1,1) {Safety\\ $\G p$};
\node[align=center] (gua) at (5,1) {Guarantee\\ $\F p$};
\node[align=right,below left] (det) at (-.2,6.7) {Deterministic\\Bchi\\Automata};
\node[align=left,below right](weak) at (6.2,6.7) {Weak Bchi\\Automata};
\node[align=left,right](wdba) at (6.2,4.3) {Weak\\Deterministic\\Bchi\\Automata};
\node[align=left,above right](ter) at (6.2,1.7) {Terminal\\Bchi\\Automata};
\node[align=right,above left](occ) at (-.2,2) {Terminal\\co-Bchi\\Automata};
\node[align=right,below left] (det) at (-.2,6.7) {Deterministic\\Büchi\\Automata};
\node[align=left,below right](weak) at (6.2,6.7) {Weak Büchi\\Automata};
\node[align=left,right](wdba) at (6.2,4.3) {Weak\\Deterministic\\Büchi\\Automata};
\node[align=left,above right](ter) at (6.2,1.7) {Terminal\\Büchi\\Automata};
\node[align=right,above left](occ) at (-.2,2) {Terminal\\co-Büchi\\Automata};
\node[above right] (buc) at (3.35,7) {General Bchi Automata};
\node[above right] (buc) at (3.35,7) {General Büchi Automata};
\draw[annote] (rec) -- (det);
\draw[annote] (per) -- (weak);
......@@ -1981,4 +1981,5 @@ $f_1\AND f_2$ & \bor{f_1}{g}{f_2}{g} & & &
%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: t
%%% coding: utf-8
%%% End:
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