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* NEWS: Mention recent changes.

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New in spot 1.0.2a (not released):
Several of the new features described below are discribed in
Tomáš Babiak, Thomas Badie, Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Mojmír
Křetínský, Jan Strejček: Compositional Approach to Suspension and
Other Improvements to LTL Translation. To appear in the
proceedings of SPIN'13.
* New features in the library:
- The postprocessor class now takes an optional option_map
......@@ -17,12 +24,12 @@ New in spot 1.0.2a (not released):
level reset, level caching, and SCC-based ordering. The former
two are enabled by default. Benchmarking has shown that the
latter one does not always have a positive effect, so it is
disabled by default.
disabled by default. (See SPIN'13 paper.)
- The scc_filter() function, which removes dead SCCs and also
simplify acceptance conditions, has learnt how to simplify
acceptance conditions in a few tricky situations that were not
simplified previously.
simplified previously. (See SPIN'13 paper.)
- An experimental "don't care" (direct) simulation has been
implemented. This simulations consider the acceptance
......@@ -40,11 +47,21 @@ New in spot 1.0.2a (not released):
from the command-line using ltlfilt's --stutter-insensitive
- A new translation, called compsusp(), for "Compositional
Suspension" is implemented on top of ltl_to_tgba_fm().
(See SPIN'13 paper.)
- Some experimental LTL rewriting rules that trie to gather
suspendable formulas are implemented and can be activated
with the favor_event_univ option of ltl_simplifier. As
always please check doc/tl/tl.tex for the list of rules.
* Command-line tools:
- ltl2tgba and ltl2tgta now honor a new --extra-options (or -x)
flag to fine-tune the algorithms used. The available options
are documented in the spot-x (7) manpage.
flag to fine-tune the algorithms used. The available options
are documented in the spot-x (7) manpage. For instance use '-x
comp-susp' to use the afore-mentioned compositional suspension.
- The output format of 'ltlcross --json' has been changed slightly.
In a future version we will offer some reporting script that turn
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