Commit a2893520 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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Properly thank Christian and Felix.

* THANKS, src/tgbaalgos/ Here.
parent 7438fa3c
We are grateful to these people for their comments, help, or
Christian Dax
Étienne Renault
Felix Klaedtke
Gerard J. Holzmann
Heikki Tauriainen
Jean-Michel Couvreur
......@@ -1427,6 +1427,10 @@ namespace spot
// Transitions going to destinations accepting the empty
// word should recognize f2, and the automaton for f1
// should be understood as universal.
// The crux of this translation (the use of implication,
// and the interpretation as a universal automaton) was
// explained to me (adl) by Felix Klaedtke.
bdd f2 = recurse(node->second());
bdd f1 = translate_ratexp(node->first(), dict_);
res_ = bddtrue;
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