Commit a390fe07 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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parent 2a843fab
2006-02-03 Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>
* iface/gspn/ (spot): Typo.
* iface/gspn/ (couvreur99_check_shy_ssp::find_state): Typo.
2006-02-02 Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>
......@@ -12,12 +12,12 @@
split the "group" option in two: "group" and "group2". "group2"
is the equivalent of the older "group", while the new "group" is
weaker and faster.
(couvreur99_check_shy::state_index): Change prototype as needed by
(couvreur99_check_shy::find_state): Change prototype as needed by
the algorithm.
* src/tgbaalgos/gtec/gtec.hh: Adjust.
* src/tgbaalgos/gtec/nsheap.hh, src/tgbaalgos/gtec/
(index_and_insert): Remove.
* iface/gspn/ (couvreur99_check_shy_ssp::state_index): Adjust
* iface/gspn/ (couvreur99_check_shy_ssp::find_state): Adjust
to new prototype.
* bench/emptchk/README, bench/emptchk/algorithms: Adjust references
to group/group2.
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