Commit be847372 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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* NEWS: Summarize recent changes.

parent 62fb48ea
New in spot 1.99.2a (not yet released)
* The CGI script for LTL translation offers a HOA download link
for each generated automaton.
* Bugs fixed
- Some acceptance conditions like Fin(0)|Fin(1)|Fin(2)&Inf(3)
where not detected as generalized-Rabin.
- Unknown arguments for print_hoa() (i.e., option -H in command-line
tools) are now diagnosed.
- the CGI script for LTL translation now force transition-based
acceptance on WDBA-minimized automata when TGBA is requested
New in spot 1.99.2 (2015-07-18)
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