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org: list ltlfilt's transformation

* doc/org/ A the list of transformation option.
Suggested by Yann Thierry-Mieg.
parent 8968bf6c
......@@ -55,6 +55,44 @@ ltlfilt --lbt-input -F scheck.ltl
* Altering the formula
The following options can be used to modify the formulas that have
been read.
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results verbatim :exports results
ltlfilt --help | sed -n '/Transformation options.*:/,/^$/p' | sed '1d;$d'
--boolean-to-isop rewrite Boolean subformulas as irredundant sum of
products (implies at least -r1)
--define[=FILENAME] when used with --relabel or --relabel-bool, output
the relabeling map using #define statements
--exclusive-ap=AP,AP,... if any of those APs occur in the formula, add
a term ensuring two of them may not be true at the
same time. Use this option multiple times to
declare independent groups of exclusive
--from-ltlf[=alive] transform LTLf (finite LTL) to LTL by introducing
some 'alive' proposition
--negate negate each formula
--nnf rewrite formulas in negative normal form
--relabel[=abc|pnn] relabel all atomic propositions, alphabetically
unless specified otherwise
--relabel-bool[=abc|pnn] relabel Boolean subexpressions, alphabetically
unless specified otherwise
--remove-wm rewrite operators W and M using U and R (this is
an alias for --unabbreviate=WM)
--remove-x remove X operators (valid only for
stutter-insensitive properties)
-r, --simplify[=LEVEL] simplify formulas according to LEVEL (see below);
LEVEL is set to 3 if omitted
--unabbreviate[=STR] remove all occurrences of the operators specified
by STR, which must be a substring of "eFGiMRW^",
where 'e', 'i', and '^' stand respectively for
<->, ->, and xor. If no argument is passed, the
subset "eFGiMW^" is used.
As with [[][=randltl=]], the =-r= option can be used to simplify formulas.
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results verbatim :exports both
......@@ -188,8 +226,9 @@ words the original set of formulas contains 9 different patterns.
An option that can be used in combination with =--relabel= or
=--relabel-bool= is =--define=. This causes the correspondence of old
a new names to be printed as a set of =#define= statements.
=--relabel-bool= is =--define=. This causes the correspondence
between old and new names to be printed as a set of =#define=
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results verbatim :exports both
ltlfilt -f '(a & !b) & GF(a & !b) & FG(!c)' --relabel-bool=pnn --define --spin
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