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org: add another example

* doc/org/ Show another way to perform the last computation.
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......@@ -752,6 +752,31 @@ autfilt --states=3 --stats=%M -n5
: !a | (b R a)
: !b & X(!b U a)
Note that the above result can also be obtained without using
=autfilt= and automata name. We can use the fact that =ltl2tgba
--stats= can output the automaton size, and that =ltl2tgba= is also
capable of [[][reading from a CSV file]] (=-F-/2= instructs =ltl2tgba= to
read the standard input as if it was a CSV file, and process its
second column):
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results verbatim :exports both
randltl -n -1 a b | # generate a stream of random LTL formulas
ltl2tgba -F- --stats='%s,!(%f)' | # for each formula output "states,negated formula"
grep '^3,' | # keep only formulas with 3 states
ltl2tgba -F-/2 --stats='%s,%f' | # for each negated formula output "states,formula"
grep '^3,' | # keep only negated formulas with 3 states
head -n5 | cut -d, -f2 # return the five first formulas
: G(F!a & XF(a | G!b))
: GFb | G(!b & FG!b)
: !a & F((!a | !b) & (a | b))
: !a | (b R a)
: !b & X(!b U a)
# LocalWords: num toc html syntaxes ltl tgba sed utf UTF lbtt SCCs
# LocalWords: GraphViz's hoaf HOA LBTT's neverclaim ba SPOT's Gb cn
# LocalWords: GraphViz autfilt acc Buchi hoafex gvpack perl pe bb
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