Commit dfcaed03 authored by Thomas Badie's avatar Thomas Badie
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Add the simulation in the Spot web interface.

* wrap/python/ajax/ Add the simulation.
* wrap/python/ajax/protocol.txt: Add the direct simulation in the
automaton simplifications section.
* wrap/python/spot.i (simulation_new): Create a function which
takes an automaton and a call to the simulation with the good
template parameter.
* wrap/python/ajax/ltl2tgba.html: Add the direct simulation
parent 085ea52b
......@@ -445,6 +445,11 @@ an identifier: <span class="formula">aUb</span> is an atomic proposition, unlike
<INPUT type="checkbox" name="as" value="wd">
minimize obligation properties
<label class="rtip" title="<b>Direct Simulation</b> tries to reduce the automaton with simulation reduction.">
<INPUT type="checkbox" name="as" value="rs">
direct simulation
<div id="run-tabs" class="ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all collapsible shadow">
......@@ -71,3 +71,4 @@ Automaton simplifications (pick many)
as=ps Prune SCC
as=wd WDBA minimiztion
as=rs Simulation reduction
......@@ -411,11 +411,14 @@ if output_type == 'm':
# Automaton simplifications
prune_scc = False
wdba_minimize = False
simul_minimize = False
for s in form.getlist('as'):
if s == 'ps':
prune_scc = True
elif s == 'wd':
wdba_minimize = True
elif s == 'rs':
simul_minimize = True
if output_type == 'a':
buchi_type = form.getfirst('af', 't')
......@@ -447,6 +450,10 @@ if wdba_minimize:
minimized = 0
degen = False # No need to degeneralize anymore
issba = True
simul_minimize = False # No need to simulate anymore
if simul_minimize:
automaton = spot.simulation(automaton)
if degen or neverclaim:
degen = spot.tgba_sba_proxy(automaton)
......@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@
#include "tgbaalgos/save.hh"
#include "tgbaalgos/sccfilter.hh"
#include "tgbaalgos/stats.hh"
#include "tgbaalgos/simulation.hh"
using namespace spot::ltl;
using namespace spot;
......@@ -186,7 +187,7 @@ using namespace spot;
%feature("new") spot::tgba::get_init_state;
%feature("new") spot::tgba::succ_iter;
%feature("new") spot::tgba_succ_iterator::current_state;
%feature("new") spot::simulation;
// Help SWIG with namespace lookups.
#define ltl spot::ltl
%include "tgba/bdddict.hh"
......@@ -230,6 +231,7 @@ using namespace spot;
%include "tgbaalgos/save.hh"
%include "tgbaalgos/sccfilter.hh"
%include "tgbaalgos/stats.hh"
%include "tgbaalgos/simulation.hh"
#undef ltl
%extend spot::ltl::formula {
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