Commit ea348d8e authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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* spot/twa/twa.hh: Fix doxygen comments.

parent ee2d3aac
......@@ -619,7 +619,7 @@ namespace spot
/// Atomic propositions and acceptance conditions are represented
/// as BDDs. The dictionary allows to map BDD variables back to
/// formulae, and vice versa. This is useful when dealing with
/// formulas, and vice versa. This is useful when dealing with
/// several automata (which may use the same BDD variable for
/// different formula), or simply when printing.
bdd_dict_ptr get_dict() const
......@@ -1233,27 +1233,27 @@ namespace spot
/// \addtogroup twa_representation TGBA representations
/// \addtogroup twa_representation TωA representations
/// \ingroup twa
/// \addtogroup twa_algorithms TGBA algorithms
/// \addtogroup twa_algorithms TωA algorithms
/// \ingroup twa
/// \addtogroup twa_on_the_fly_algorithms TGBA on-the-fly algorithms
/// \addtogroup twa_on_the_fly_algorithms TωA on-the-fly algorithms
/// \ingroup twa_algorithms
/// \addtogroup twa_io Input/Output of TGBA
/// \addtogroup twa_io Input/Output of TωA
/// \ingroup twa_algorithms
/// \addtogroup twa_ltl Translating LTL formulae into TGBA
/// \addtogroup twa_ltl Translating LTL formulas into TωA
/// \ingroup twa_algorithms
/// \addtogroup twa_generic Algorithm patterns
/// \ingroup twa_algorithms
/// \addtogroup twa_reduction TGBA simplifications
/// \addtogroup twa_reduction TωA simplifications
/// \ingroup twa_algorithms
/// \addtogroup twa_misc Miscellaneous algorithms on TGBA
/// \addtogroup twa_misc Miscellaneous algorithms on TωA
/// \ingroup twa_algorithms
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