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org: greatly reduce the size of satmin.svg

* doc/org/satmin.tex: Use a plain background color instead of some
hashed lines pattern.  This reduces the size of the resulting SVG
file from 1.9MB to 50kB after minification.
* doc/org/ Adjust to mention autfilt.
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......@@ -249,7 +249,8 @@ The following figure (from our [[
the processing chains that can be used to turn an LTL formula into a
minimal DBA/DTBA/DTGBA. The blue area at the top describes =ltl2tgba
-D -x sat-minimize=, while the purple area at the bottom corresponds
to =dstar2tgba -D -x stat-minimize=.
to =dstar2tgba -D -x stat-minimize= (but =autfilt= support similar
......@@ -5,24 +5,18 @@
\newcommand{\pin}[1]{\tikz[baseline=0]\node[fill=yellow,draw,circle,thin,inner sep=0.5pt,above left] {\footnotesize #1};}
\begin{tikzpicture}[shorten >=1pt,>=stealth',semithick,node distance=5.5mm]
\tikzstyle{dstep}=[align=center,minimum height=3em]
\tikzstyle{pstep}=[draw,dstep,drop shadow,fill=white]
\tikzstyle{iostep}=[dstep,rounded corners=1mm]
\begin{tikzpicture}[shorten >=1pt,>=stealth',semithick,node distance=5.5mm]
%\tikzset{callout/.style={ellipse callout, callout pointer arc=30,
% callout absolute pointer={#1},fill=blue!30,draw}}
......@@ -32,7 +26,7 @@
\draw[->] (trans) -- (wdba);
\node[pstep,right=of wdba.0] (simp) {simplify\\TGBA};
\draw[->] (wdba) -- node[above]{fail} (simp);
\node[instep,below=of trans,yshift=-2mm] (ltl1) {LTL\\formula};
\node[instep,below=of trans,yshift=-4mm] (ltl1) {LTL\\formula};
\draw[->] (ltl1) -- (trans);
\node[pstep,right=of simp,yshift=8mm,xshift=1mm] (degen) {degen\\to TBA};
......@@ -50,7 +44,7 @@
\coordinate (turn) at ($(nottcong.-130 |- simp.0)$);
\draw[->] (isdet) -- node[below right,at start]{det.} (turn);
\draw[->] (tbadet2) -- node[right,pos=.6]{success} ($(tbadet2 |- turn)$);
\node[pstep,below=of tbadet.-125,yshift=-3mm] (dtbasat) {DTBA SAT\\minimization};
\node[pstep,below=of tbadet.-125,yshift=-5mm] (dtbasat) {DTBA SAT\\minimization};
\node[pstep,below=of dtbasat,yshift=5mm] (dtgbasat) {DTGBA SAT\\minimization};
\draw[->] (turn) |- node[above left]{$m=1$} (dtbasat);
\draw[->] (turn) |- node[above left]{$m>1$} (dtgbasat);
......@@ -61,7 +55,7 @@
\draw[->] (dtgbasat) -- (mindtgba);
\draw[->] (dtbasat) -- (mindtba);
\node[pstep,below=of ltl1,yshift=-2mm,xshift=1mm] (ltl2dstar) {\texttt{ltl2dstar}\\(DRA)};
\node[pstep,below=of ltl1,yshift=-3mm,xshift=1mm] (ltl2dstar) {\texttt{ltl2dstar}\\(DRA)};
\draw[->] (ltl1) -- ($(ltl1 |- ltl2dstar.90)$);
\node[pstep,right=of ltl2dstar] (dra2dba) {attempt\\conversion\\to DBA};
\draw[->] (ltl2dstar) -- (dra2dba);
......@@ -77,23 +71,21 @@
\draw[->] (wdba2.160) -| node[below right,sloped]{success} (wdbaok);
\begin{scope}[on background layer]
\coordinate (pt1) at ($(tbadet.north east)+(3mm,2mm)$);
\coordinate (pt2) at ($(mindtba.north east)+(3mm,0mm)$);
\coordinate (pt3) at ($(mindtgba.south east)+(0mm,-1mm)$);
\coordinate (pt1) at ($(tbadet.north east)+(3mm,3mm)$);
\coordinate (pt2) at ($(mindtba.north east)+(3mm,1mm)$);
\coordinate (pt3) at ($(mindtgba.south east)+(0mm,-2mm)$);
\coordinate[xshift=1mm,yshift=1mm] (turn3) at (turn);
\path[pattern color=blue!30,pattern=north west lines] ($(trans.west |- pt1)$) |- (pt2) |- (pt3) -| (turn3) -| (pt1) -- cycle;
\path[fill=blue!30,opacity=.3,rounded corners=1mm] ($(trans.west |- pt1)$) ++ (-1mm,0) |- (pt2) -- (pt3 -| pt2) -| (turn3) -| (pt1) -- cycle;
\node[below right] at ($(trans.west |- pt1)$) {\texttt{ltl2tgba}};
\coordinate[yshift=1mm,xshift=1mm] (pt4) at ($(pt2 -| turn3)$);
\coordinate[yshift=-3mm,xshift=-1mm] (pt5) at ($(dra2dba.south west)$);
\coordinate[yshift=-4mm,xshift=-1mm] (pt5) at ($(dra2dba.south west)$);
\coordinate[yshift=1mm,xshift=-1mm] (pt6) at ($(dra2dba.north west)$);
\path[pattern color=blue!30!red!30,pattern=north east lines] (pt5) -| (pt4) -- ($(pt2) + (1mm,1mm)$) |- (pt6) -- cycle;
\node[above left,yshift=-1mm] at ($(pt5 -| pt4)$) {\texttt{dstar2tgba}};
\path[fill=blue!30!red!30,opacity=.3,rounded corners=1mm] (pt5) -| (pt4) -- ($(pt2) + (1mm,1mm)$) |- (pt6) -- cycle;
\node[above left,yshift=-1mm] at ($(pt5 -| pt4)$) {\texttt{dstar2tgba}/\texttt{autfilt}};
%\node[fill=yellow,draw,ellipse callout,thin,inner sep=0.5pt,callout pointer arc=30,,yshift=6mm,callout absolute pointer={(c1)}] at (c1) {\footnotesize 1};
%\draw[red] (current bounding box.north west) rectangle (current bounding box.south east);
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