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......@@ -40,6 +40,11 @@ contains column headers). We have [[][examples of reading or writin
files on a separate page]].
** Default parser
:CUSTOM_ID: infix
Spot's default LTL parser is able to parse the syntaxes of many tools,
such as [[][Spin]], [[][Wring]], [[][Goal]], etc. For instance here are the preferred ways
......@@ -75,6 +80,9 @@ should not try to interpret. For instance:
: "a < b" U "process[2]@ok"
** Lenient mode
:CUSTOM_ID: lenient
In version 6, Spin extended its syntax to support arbitrary atomic expression
in LTL formulas. The previous formula would be written simply:
......@@ -122,6 +130,9 @@ ltlfilt --lenient -f '(a U b U) U c'
Here =a U b U= was taken as an atomic proposition.
** Prefix parser
:CUSTOM_ID: prefix
The prefix syntax used by tools such as [[][LBT]], [[][LBTT]], [[][scheck]] or [[][ltl2dstar]]
requires a different parser. For these tools, the above example
......@@ -130,9 +141,31 @@ propositions must start with =p= and be followed by a number). Spot's
=--lbt-input= option can be used to activate the parser for this
The following operators are supported:
| syntax | meaning |
| <c> | <l> |
| =t= | true |
| =f= | false |
| =!= | not |
| =&= | and |
| \vert | or |
| =^= | xor |
| =i= | implies |
| =e= | equivalent |
| =X= | next |
| =F= | eventually |
| =G= | globally |
| =U= | strong until |
| =V= | weak release |
| =M= | strong release |
| =W= | weak until |
As an extension to LBT's syntax, alphanumeric atomic propositions that
follow the "=p= + number" rule will be accepted if they do not
conflict with one of the operator (e.g., =i=, the implies operator,
conflict with one of the operators (e.g., =i=, the /implies/ operator,
cannot be used as an atomic proposition). Also any atomic proposition
may be double-quoted. These extensions are compatible with the syntax
used by [[][ltl2dstar]].
......@@ -141,11 +174,15 @@ used by [[][ltl2dstar]].
* Common output options
:CUSTOM_ID: output-options
All tools that output LTL/PSL formulas implement the following options:
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :exports results
genltl --help | sed -n '/Output options:/,/^$/p' | sed '1d;$d'
ltlfilt --help | sed -n '/Output options:/,/^$/p' |
sed '1d;$d;/--.*count/d;/--quiet/d'
......@@ -157,13 +194,9 @@ genltl --help | sed -n '/Output options:/,/^$/p' | sed '1d;$d'
-l, --lbt output in LBT's syntax
--latex output using LaTeX macros
--negative, --negated output the negated versions of all formulas
-o, --output=FORMAT send output to a file named FORMAT instead of
standard output. The first formula sent to a file
truncates it unless FORMAT starts with '>>'.
--positive output the positive versions of all formulas (done
by default, unless --negative is specified without
-p, --full-parentheses output fully-parenthesized formulas
-s, --spin output in Spin's syntax
--spot output in Spot's syntax (default)
......@@ -220,7 +253,7 @@ the above =%=-sequences.
For instance the following invocation of [[][=randltl=]] will create 5
random formulas, but in 5 different files:
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :epilogue "rm -f example-*.ltl"
randltl -n5 a b -o example-%L.ltl
wc -l example-*.ltl
......@@ -232,11 +265,6 @@ wc -l example-*.ltl
: 1 example-5.ltl
: 5 total
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results silent :exports results
rm -f example-*.ltl
Option =-0= is useful if the list of formulas is passed to =xargs=.
=xargs= normally splits its input on white space (which are frequent
in LTL formulas), but you can use =xargs -0= to split the input on
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