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* NEWS: Summarize recent noteworthy changes.

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2010-04-08 Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>
* NEWS: Summarize recent noteworthy changes.
2010-04-07 Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>
Modernize Bison parsers.
......@@ -89,7 +93,7 @@
Simplify F(a)|F(b) as F(a|b). Add similar rule for G(a)&G(b).
* src/ltlvisit/ (basic_reduce_visitor): Replace
the FG(a)|FG(b) == FG(a|b) rule by the above more generic one.
the FG(a)|FG(b) == F(Ga|Gb) rule by the above more generic one.
Add the dual rule for G(a)&G(b), as we had none (this one won't
improve anything in the translation, but it is more symmetric
this way). Also simplify some pointer checks.
New in spot 0.5a
* Nothing yet.
* Several optimizations to improve some auxiliary steps
of the LTL translation (not the core of the translation):
- Better degeneralization
- SCC simplifications has been tuned for degeneralization
(ltl2tgba now has two options -R3 and -R3f: the latter will
remove every acceptance condition that used to be removed
in Spot 0.5 while the former will leave useless acceptance conditions
going to accepting SCC. Experience shows that -R3 is more
favorable to degeneralization).
- ltl2tgba will perform SCC optimizations before degeneralization
and not the converse
- We added a syntactic simplification rule to rewrite F(a)|F(b) as F(a|b).
We only had a rule for the more specific FG(a)|FG(b) = F(Ga|Gb).
- The syntactic simplification rule for F(a&GF(b)) = F(a)&GF(b) has
be disabled because the latter formula is in fact harder to translate
* New options have been added to the CGI script for
- SVG output
- SCC simplifications
* Bug fixes:
- The precedence of the "->" and "<->" Boolean operators has been
adjusted to better match other tools.
Spot <= 0.5 used to parse "a & b -> c & d" as "a & (b -> c) & d";
Spot >= 0.5.1 will parse it as "(a & b) -> (c & d)".
- The random graph generator was fixed (again!) not to produce
dead states as documented.
- Locations in the error messages of the LTL parser were off by one.
New in spot 0.5 (2010-02-01):
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