Commit fcd67831 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz
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* doc/org/ Simplify UML diagrams.

parent 15ea2e66
......@@ -462,9 +462,9 @@ package spot {
class succ_iterator {
bool operator==(succ_iterator) const
bool operator!=(succ_iterator) const
const twa_succ_iterator* operator*() const
bool operator==(succ_iterator)
bool operator!=(succ_iterator)
const twa_succ_iterator* operator*()
void operator++()
......@@ -500,15 +500,16 @@ package spot {
abstract class state {
+{abstract}int compare(const state*) const
+{abstract}size_t hash() const
+{abstract}state* clone() const
+void destroy() const
+{abstract}int compare(const state*)
+{abstract}size_t hash()
+{abstract}state* clone()
+void destroy()
class twa_graph
twa <|-- twa_graph
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