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* NEWS: Update with recent fixes.

parent 52237398
New in spot 1.2.1a (not released)
Nothing yet.
* Bug fixes:
- Fix compilation *and* behavior of bitvectors on 32-bit
- Fix some compilation errors observed using the antique G++ 4.0.1.
- Fix compatibility with Python 3 in the test suite.
- Fix a couple of new clang warnings (like "unused private member").
- Add some missing #includes that are not included indirectly
with the C++ compiler is in C++11 mode.
- Fix detection of numbers that are too large in the ELTL parser.
- Fix a memory leak in the ELTL parser, and avoid some unnecessary
calls to strlen() at the same time.
New in spot 1.2.1 (2013-12-11)
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