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- Bump to 1.0.5a.

- TODO: More
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2006-02-01 Roland Levillain <>
* Bump to 1.0.5a.
* TODO: More
2006-02-01 Roland Levillain <>
Version 1.0.5.
......@@ -5,8 +5,50 @@ Suggestions
* Suggested by Akim Demaille:
The macros emited to compensate glib might be grouped in a single string,
The macros emitted to compensate glib might be grouped in a single string,
defined in an external file `/usr/share/monoburg/monoburg-header.h', then
output by a single call to output().
This is nicer but it needs an external file to be installed.
* Move options as %-directives in the prelude of the grammar.
I.e., things like %no-line, %cxx-ref, etc. should appear before the
first %%, as in Bison.
* Reserve %include for brg files?
Instead of allowing an %include directive in the prelude, we might
provide verbatim sections with %{ and %}, à la Yacc. Thus,
%include foo.h
# ...
would be written
#include "foo.h"
# ...
I (Roland) am not completely sure about this, so comments are
* Provide header-define option as a %-directive
* Revamp the scanner.
It is a real mess. Either use a Lex-generated scanner (but it adds a
dependency on another tool, which Mono developers might not want); or
rewrite it.
Local Variables:
mode: outline
ispell-local-dictionary: "american"
LocalWords: MonoBURG Lex
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
## -------------------------------------
## Project
AC_INIT([MonoBURG], [1.0.5])
AC_INIT([MonoBURG], [1.0.5a])
## -------------------------------------
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