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Benchmarks: add documentation.

* src/bench/README,
* src/bench/common/README_AUTOMATA: Update.
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Benchmarks: add documentation.
* src/bench/README,
* src/bench/common/README_AUTOMATA: Update.
2009-06-17 d-halluin <>
Update benchmarks.
......@@ -11,12 +11,129 @@ See <algorithm>/README for information on specific benchmarks.
-- Organization --
Each subdirectory contains benchmark for a type of function
or algorithm in Vaucanson:
* Accessible
* Composition
* Derived terms
* Determinization
* Epsilon removal
* Eval
* Iterators
* Minimization
* Product
* Quotient
In each subdirectory, there is one program per benchmark.
A benchmark is characterized by:
* Input automaton (see common/README_AUTOMATA)
* Program (e.g. Vaucanson, OpenFST)
* Algorithm (e.g. minimization_moore(), minimization_hopcroft())
A benchmark is an execution of a program for different values of
a parameter _n_.
_n_ can have different meanings, including:
* Size of the input automaton.
* Number of times an operation is repeated.
Benchmark are run using `make bench'
-- Results --
Results are located is subdirectories within the benchmark directory,
named according to the benchmark characteristics.
Results are composed of three files for each value of _n_:
* bench_<algorithm>_<input>_<_n_>.out: Benchmark text summary.
* bench_<algorithm>_<input>_<_n_>.dot: DOT ouput of the callgraph.
* bench_<algorithm>_<input>_<_n_>.xml: Raw result for processing with CBS.
To process XML files with CBS, use, located in cbs/bin (source dir).
This script generates a result table for a set of XML files.
The result table is readable by gnuplot and can be used to generate plots.
The result text summary shows information about one execution for a given _n_.
It follows the following format (variable content between <>):
<Benchmark name>
<Benchmark description>
<1. Step 1 (not included in measures)>
<2* Step * (included in measures - notice the star after the leading number)>
<General informations such as date, host name, CPU type and speed, memory>
<List of benchmark parameters, including _n_>
<List of results, including:>
<memory peak: maximum memory usage measures (in bytes).>
<time: total cpu time (in ms, as with all the other time values).>
[Task list:]
<Flat profile of the benchmark.>
<List of memory measures.>
For more information, see the CBS documentation.
-- Benchmark source files --
Each benchmark program has a single source file ending in _bench.hh
(.cc files are generated automatically by
This file is instrumented with CBS, Vaucanson's benchmarking utility.
See cbs/README (source dir) for more info on CBS.
These are the general steps:
1. Generate the input automaton (not measured).
2* Apply the algorithm.
3. Remove temporary files, write results (not measured).
Note that step 1 can take longer that step 2.
-- OpenFST --
If OpenFST is available on the current host, some extra benchmarks are
Use the `--with-openfst' configuration option to specify the path
to OpenFST binaries.
OpenFST benchmarks are similar to Vaucanson benchmarks and a corresponding
source file ending in _openfst_bench.hh
The process is however more complex, as it relies on fork() and execl() to
execute OpenFST on a given input.
These are the general steps:
1. Generate the input automaton.
2. Write the input automaton to a separate file in FSM format.
3* Run fstcompile on the input:
- Use the symbol table in common/alpha.syms.
- Measured because it is suspected to do pre-processing,
such as minimization.
4* Run fst<command>, where <command> is the OpenFST equivalent
of the benchmarked algorithm.
5. Remove temporary files, write results.
This file describes the automata used for benchmarking.
Functions to create these automata are located in bench_constructs.hh.
n is the parameter specified during the automaton creation (integer).
FIXME: Add references.
-- aut_2n --
Boolean automaton on {a, b, c}.
Automaton on the `abc' alphabet.
Has n states in its original form and 2^n states once determinized.
......@@ -24,9 +28,22 @@ FIXME.
-- aut_ab --
-- aut_b --
A simple automaton that recognizes words containing `b' on the
`ab' alphabet.
-- aut_complete --
A complete automaton on the `a' alphabet:
For any two states, there exists a spontaneous transition between
the two states.
* n states.
* state 0 is initial and final.
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