1. 21 Jan, 2009 9 commits
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Demos: Fix a typo in ORR_demo. · 5b1fb049
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* src/demos/one_rule_rewriting/ORR_demo.cc (main): Call
      	  `realtime_here' on `right_auto' as it is passed as the second
      	  argument of `rw_composition', and there is a `is_realtime'
      	  precondition on this argument.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      rw_composition: New evaluation_rw algorithm. · a8d0df51
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* include/Makefile.am: Add new files to the distribution.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/evaluation_rw.hh: New.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/evaluation_rw.hxx: New.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/internal/evaluation.hxx: Move the
      	  functions `evaluation' and `do_evaluation' to `evaluation_rw' and
      	  `do_evaluation_rw' respectively (see `evaluation_rw.hh'). Cleanup
      	  included headers.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/rw_composition.hxx: Include the header
      	  file `internal/evaluation.hh'.
      	* include/vaucanson/contexts/transducer_functions.thh,
      	* include/vaucanson/contexts/transducer_maker.thxx: Include
      	  `evaluation_rw.hh' instead of `internal/evaluation.hh'. Call
      	  `evaluation_rw' instead of `evaluation'.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      TAF-Kit: Fix the epsilon of predefined alphabets in --help. · a0e7f8f2
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* taf-kit/src/Makefile.am: Add new file to the distribution.
      	* taf-kit/src/main.cc: Only include the `predefined_alphabets.hh'
      	  header if relevant. Remove any reference to the `DEFAULT_EPSILON'
      	  macro. New variable `predefined_string', to hold the dynamically
      	  calculated string displayed when using --help.
      	  (main) [!NO_PREDEF_ALPHABETS]: Call the new
      	  `build_predefined_string' to populate `predefined_string'.
      	* taf-kit/src/predefined_alphabets.hh: Include the
      	  `parser_options.hh' header file. Remove the definition of
      	  `DEFAULT_EPSILON'. Declare new function `build_predefined_string'.
      	* taf-kit/src/predefined_alphabets.hxx: New: Add the implementation
      	  of the `build_predefined_string'.
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-z.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-z.test: Add the regression test.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      TAF-Kit: Disable predefined alphabets for pair contexts. · 1bf1ad24
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* taf-kit/src/Makefile.am: Define `NO_PREDEF_ALPHABETS' for the
      	  `vcsn-char-char-b', `vcsn-char-int-b' and `vcsn-int-int-b'
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-char-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-z.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-int-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-z.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-fmp-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-fmp-z.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-int-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-z.test: Check whether or not a predefined
      	  alphabet is defined.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      XML: Add support for xerces-c 3.0 (Close #193). · 0b290ec9
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* build-aux/vcsn-xml.m4: Update the macro `_VCSN_CHECK_XML' to check
      	  for xerces-c version x such as 2.3 <= x <= 3. Update the C++ ABI
      	  check with code from `internal/ios.hh'.
      	* include/Makefile.am: Update distributed files.
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/parsers.hxx: Include `xml/internal/ios.hh'
      	  instead of `xml/ios.hh'.
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/printers.hxx (AutPrinter::print): Use the
      	  new `print_xml' function declared in `internal/ios.hh'.
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/ios.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/ios.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/xml_xerces_stream.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/xml_xerces_stream.hxx: Merge these files in
      	  the new internal `ios.hh' and `ios.hxx'.
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/internal/ios.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/internal/ios.hxx: These files declare all
      	  the low level stream handling of Vaucanson, and xerces-c major
      	  version dependent code: New `print_xml' function to hide from user
      	  level code the XERCES_VERSION_MAJOR macro.
      	  (BinCxxInputStream::curPos, BinCxxInputStream::readBytes,
      	  XMLXercesStream::writeChars): Update prototype to use `XMLSize_t'
      	  and `XERCES_FILEPOS'.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      XML: Factor more code with create_element. · 6b6deb5f
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/xml_exp_visitor.hxx: Replace each call of
      	  `createElement' by a corresponding call of `create_element'.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      XML: Use createElementNS when creating DOM nodes. · 362f1258
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* include/vaucanson/xml/tools.hxx (create_element): Use the proper
      	  name-space aware function `createElementNS' as Vaucanson has its
      	  own name-space.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Cleanup dead code. · dbcd6b20
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* include/Makefile.am: Remove files from the distribution.
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/series/rat/xml_exp_visitor.hh: Remove.
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/series/rat/xml_exp_visitor.hxx: Remove.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix a segfault when handling more than one space (Close #180). · cfaf31ba
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/series/krat_exp_parser.hxx
      	  (Lexer::Lexer): Reserve seven elements only for `token_tab_'.
      	  Rewrite a loop using an STL idiom.
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-b.test: Add the regression test for this
  2. 16 Jan, 2009 1 commit
  3. 15 Jan, 2009 1 commit
    • Vivien Delmon's avatar
      Merge of the reduction branch. · 1eb4a90b
      Vivien Delmon authored
      	* ChangeLog: .
      	* configure.ac: .
      	* include/Makefile.am: .
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/semiring/numerical_semiring.hh: .
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/semiring/numerical_semiring.hxx: .
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/reduce.hh: New.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/reduce.hxx: New.
      	* include/vaucanson/contexts/automaton_functions.thh: .
      	* include/vaucanson/design_pattern/element_ops.hxx: .
      	* lib/generate_libvcsn.rb: .
      	* taf-kit/src/Makefile.am: .
      	* taf-kit/src/r_commands.cc: New.
      	* taf-kit/tests/Makefile.am: .
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-r.test: New.
  4. 30 Dec, 2008 3 commits
  5. 16 Dec, 2008 1 commit
  6. 12 Dec, 2008 3 commits
    • Vivien Delmon's avatar
      End of reduce algorithm implementation. · a0cbbf9a
      Vivien Delmon authored
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/reduce.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/reduce.hxx: Add building of the new
      	  automaton from the matrix version
    • Vivien Delmon's avatar
      Add a new taf-kit for r_automaton and add reduce to libvcsn-r. · da49af89
      Vivien Delmon authored
      	* lib/generate_libvcsn.rb: Add reduce to libvcsn-r.
      	* include/vaucanson/contexts/automaton_functions.thh: Add reduce.
      	* taf-kit/src/Makefile.am,
      	* taf-kit/src/r_commands.cc,
      	* taf-kit/tests/Makefile.am: Generate tafkit for Real semiring.
    • Vivien Delmon's avatar
      Revert part of r2578. · 287903ca
      Vivien Delmon authored
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/semiring/numerical_semiring.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/semiring/numerical_semiring.hh:
  7. 11 Dec, 2008 3 commits
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix a typo in normalized and subnormalized composition tests. · b603b847
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* src/tests/include/tests/automata/algos/fmp_transducers/normalized_composition_test.hh,
      	* src/tests/include/tests/automata/algos/fmp_transducers/subnormalized_composition_test.hh:
      	  Replace `y' by `v'.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix make_rat_exp function calls in the test-suite. · 7e22d699
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* src/tests/include/tests/automata/algos/boolean_rw_transducers/invert_test.hh,
      	* src/tests/include/tests/automata/algos/fmp_transducers/evaluation_fmp_test.hh,
      	* src/tests/include/tests/automata/algos/fmp_transducers/normalized_composition_test.hh,
      	* src/tests/include/tests/automata/algos/fmp_transducers/subnormalized_composition_test.hh:
      	  Use the proper representations while building the ratexp.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix invert-test for boolean_rw_transducers. · 76231afc
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* src/tests/include/tests/automata/algos/boolean_rw_transducers/invert_test.hh:
      	  Do not generate invalid alphabets.
  8. 10 Dec, 2008 7 commits
    • Vivien Delmon's avatar
      Add reduce algorithm. · f8ca4a13
      Vivien Delmon authored
      	* include/Makefile.am: Add reduce.h{h,xx}.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/reduce.hh: New.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/reduce.hxx: New.
    • Vivien Delmon's avatar
      Add a specialisation of std::swap to help gcc. · 711ac8fd
      Vivien Delmon authored
      	* include/vaucanson/design_pattern/element_ops.hxx: The other
      	  specialisation with a template T1 for the first element and a
      	  template T2 for the second was ambigous for gcc.
    • Vivien Delmon's avatar
      Add op_neg and op_div to real semirings. · 0203cb16
      Vivien Delmon authored
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/semiring/numerical_semiring.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/semiring/numerical_semiring.hxx:
      	  Add op_neg and op_div functions to real semirings.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix some algorithms interfaces. · 06cae413
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_derivation.hh: Disable
      	  the remaining interface as it do not work with Vaucanswig.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/eval.hh: Enable the interfaces as the
      	  `Word' pseudo-type is handled correctly by Vaucanswig.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_constant_term.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_derivation.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_flatten.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_linearize.hh: Replace
      	  `*e' by `e' as rat exp need not be dereferenced.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/extension.hh: Disable the interfaces
      	  as the `Transducer' pseudo-type cannot be handled by Vaucanswig
      	  (Vaucanswig do not work for transducers).
      	* vaucanswig/expand.sh: Add support for the `Letter' pseudo
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix constant for rat::exp (Close #196). · e9ce598a
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/series/krat.hxx
      	  (op_assign): Name the first argument, so that it is used
      	  subsequently. (op_series_set): Use `op_convert' instead of
      	  manually calling `constant' (factor more code). Pass the series to
      	  various `op_convert' calls. Cosmetic changes.
      	* src/tests/include/tests/algebra/series/misc/series_test.hh: Add
      	  regression test.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix global_consistency test. · 05fff3b8
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* src/tests/include/tests/context_headers/automata/global_consistency_test.hh:
      	  Be more generic with respect to series representations.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix op_convert for string based monoid (Close #198). · e8053923
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/monoid/str_words.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/monoid/str_words.hxx:
      	  Remove `op_convert' as its meaning may be ambiguous when the word
      	  implementation is the same as the literal implementation.
      	* src/tests/include/tests/algebra/free_monoid/free_monoid_test.hh:
      	  New regression test. Fix a typo.
      	* src/tests/include/tests/algebra/series/misc/series_test.hh: Fix
      	  some typos so that errors are more meaningful.
      	* src/tests/xml/xml_int_trans_tester.cc,
      	* src/tests/xml/xml_int_z_trans_tester.cc,
      	* src/tests/include/tests/automata/algos/pair_automata/pair_to_fmp_test.hh:
      	  Adjust by calling `parse_word'.
  9. 08 Dec, 2008 4 commits
    • Reuben Thomas's avatar
      Use type abbreviations for delta_iterators. · 4732a5c3
      Reuben Thomas authored
      	AUTOMATION_TYPES defines types for delta_iterator
      	and rdelta_iterator, so use them.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/accessible.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/aut_to_exp.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/complete.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/determinize.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/eps_removal.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/eps_removal_sp.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/eval.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/internal/evaluation.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/internal/has_neighbour.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/internal/outsplitting.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/is_deterministic.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/letter_to_letter_composition.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/minimization_hopcroft.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/minimization_moore.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/normalized_composition.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/product.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/rw_composition.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/search.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/standard.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/sum.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/automata/concept/automata_base.hh,
      	* include/vaucanson/tools/fsm_dump.hxx,
      	* include/vaucanson/tools/gen_random.hxx: Here.
    • Reuben Thomas's avatar
      Add INTERFACEs and some new pseudo-types. · a6ece62e
      Reuben Thomas authored
      	The uses of the new pseudo-types are disabled, as they would
      	presumably not work with vaucanswig.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/cut_up.hh: Add interfaces.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/eval.hh: Add disabled interfaces.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/extension.hh: Add interfaces.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_constant_term.hh: Add
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_derivation.hh: Add an
      	  interface and a disabled interface.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_flatten.hh: Add interface.
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_linearize.hh: Add a disabled
      	* include/vaucanson/algorithms/krat_exp_realtime.hh: Add an interface.
      	* lib/generate_libvcsn.rb: Add the LinExp and Word pseudo-types. Their
      	  uses are currently disabled.
    • Reuben Thomas's avatar
      Whitespace correction. · 5f41539b
      Reuben Thomas authored
      	* include/vaucanson/misc/usual_macros.hh: Make new iterator
      	  types line up with everything else.
    • Reuben Thomas's avatar
      Add some ignores for new tests. · 45d1b65d
      Reuben Thomas authored
  10. 03 Dec, 2008 8 commits
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix typo. · 6cc95d59
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* ChangeLog: Fix ChangeLog entry of r2565.
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/concept/freemonoid_product.hxx: Fix
      	  English typo. Rephrase the sentence about `adaptive behavior'.
    • Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      TAF-Kit: Add comments about r2553. · 8e1ece14
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* taf-kit/src/ratexp_commands.hh: Here.
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-b.test: New regression test.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      TAF-Kit: Fix a bug. · 0075ec2c
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* taf-kit/src/parser_options.hh (definition): New attribute
      	* taf-kit/src/parser_options.hxx (push_space): Do not use a static
      	  flag as more than one parser_options are used for FMP.
      	* taf-kit/tests/automata/char-fmp-b/wd-full.xml: New.
      	* taf-kit/tests/defs.in: New XML file.
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-b.test: New regression test.
      	* taf-kit/tests/Makefile.am: Add new file to the distribution.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Add tests for writing data and fix a bug. · 478b93a0
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-char-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-z.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-int-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-z.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-fmp-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-fmp-z.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-int-b.test,
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-int-z.test: Here.
      	* include/vaucanson/algebra/concept/freemonoid_product.hxx: Fix
      	  a bug: New `split_monoid_()', update FMP constructors. Add
      	  more comments.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      TAF-Kit: Homogenize XML output. · 782980bd
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* taf-kit/src/edition_commands.hxx: Do not append an `std::endl'
      	  after calling `automaton_saver'.
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-b.test: Regression test.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      Fix ChangeLog for [2543]. · 002d2f53
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* ChangeLog: Be more precise about what has been done.
    • Jerome Galtier's avatar
      TAF-Kit: Update a test about quot3base2.xml. · 45eafda7
      Jerome Galtier authored
      	* taf-kit/tests/vcsn-char-fmp-b.test: Check that `div3base2.xml' and
      	  the domain of `quot3base2.xml' are equivalent (suggested by
      	  Alexandre Duret-Lutz).