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    Milena: Do not look for headers in the build tree uselessly. · 9c2f117f
    Roland Levillain authored
    	* tools/tools.mk (AM_CPPFLAGS): Remove Milena's build dir from the
    	file inclusion path.
    	Remove outdated FIXMEs.
    	* apps/constrained-connectivity/Makefile.am,
    	* apps/graph-morpho/Makefile.am,
    	* apps/mesh-segm-skel/Makefile.am,
    	* apps/morphers/Makefile.am,
    	* apps/papers/levillain.09.ismm/Makefile.am
    	(AM_CPPFLAGS): Explain why $(top_builddir)/milena is part of the
    	file inclusion path.
    	* apps/generic-skel/Makefile.am,
    	* doc/Makefile.am,
    	* tests/tests.mk
    	(AM_CPPFLAGS): Uniformity changes.