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    Factor code for erosion on lines. · ef67f3c8
    Thierry Geraud authored
    	* mln/accu/transform_directional.hh (include): Layout.
    	(output): Fix typedef.
    	* mln/accu/transform_diagonal.hh: Likewise.
    	Fix declaration signature.
    	* tests/accu/transform_directional.cc: New.
    	* tests/accu/transform_diagonal.cc: New.
    	* mln/accu/all.hh: Update.
    	* mln/morpho/erosion.spe.hh
    	(erosion_dispatch_wrt_win): Handle the case win.size == 1.
    	Remove useless qualif morpho::.
    	(erosion_dispatch_wrt_win): Factor code for hline2d and vline2d
    	(erosion_dispatch_line): ...this new overloaded routine.
    	(erosion_dispatch_diagonal): Remove check on kind::logic cause it
    	also works on this case. 
    	To be consistent:
    	* mln/accu/snake_2d.hh: Rename as...
    	* mln/accu/transform_snake.hh: ...this.
    	* mln/morpho/erosion.spe.hh (erosion_arbitrary_2d): Update.
    	* mln/morpho/includes.hh: Update.
    	* tests/accu/snake_2d.cc: Rename as...
    	* tests/accu/transform_snake.cc: ...this.
    	* tests/accu/Makefile.am: Update.
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