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Update according to Conan v2

Baptiste Esteban requested to merge development/conan2 into next

This merge request is an update of the packaging pipeline for Conan v2.

  • Update CI to handle more compiler for testing
    • GCC 10 (Debian Bullseye, current stable)
    • GCC 11 (Ubuntu Jammy, current LTS)
    • GCC 12
    • Clang 12
    • Clang 13
    • Clang 14 (Ubuntu Jammy)
    • Clang 15
  • Update CI for packaging
    • GCC 10
    • GCC 11
    • GCC 12
  • Update CI for benchmarks
    • GCC 11
  • Windows is temporary disabled because of recipes not working on CCI (issue 16345)
  • Modernize for Conan V2 and fix required version of Conan to 2.0.1 (For packaging with test dependencies fix (more information here)
  • Remove old packaging tools, such as Conan CPT, which does not support Conan V2 (see README first lines)
  • Update documentation about Pylene installation
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