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[RELEASE 0.2] Merge branch next-proper into master

Michaël Roynard requested to merge next-proper into master


Version 0.2



  • Parallel implementation for pointwise algorithms
  • SIMD erosion/dilation/transposition
  • Partitionning hierarchy :
    • Alphatree
    • Hierachical watersheds
    • Silency maps
    • Horizontal cut
  • FITS Image reader
  • Multivariate Tree of Shapes
  • Scribo module
    • line detection on document images
  • Watershed and waterfall based on user input markers
  • Haugh line transform
  • Implement the subtractive rule for component-tree filtering
  • Conan v2 compatibility

Various fixes

  • Adding padding facilities into the library
  • New transform function signatures taking advantage of concepts
  • Fix bug #72 (closed)
  • Pylene <-> NumPy image conversion
  • Fix Pybind11 issue with cmake_find_package generator
  • Update Python module documentation
  • Fix cmake_find_package generator with pybind11
  • Tile type for buffer primitive
  • Improve alphatree in the library
  • New conan/cmake targets
  • Make some fixes in the hierarchical representations of Pylene
  • Add compilers in the CI + split Pylene-core into components
  • Fix canonization of the alphatree and watershed hierarchy
  • Fix the input type checking of the numpy array type caster
  • Fix missing traits indexer for signed MM operators.
  • Fix Conan deployment after the addition of the Scribo component
  • Fix issue #90 (closed)
  • Write documentation about the IO operations
  • Migrate conan with new CMakeDeps generator
  • Remove dependencies on boost::concepts
  • Check minimum compiler version for Clang and GCC
  • Fix bug in cvxhull impl
  • Weighted hough transform
  • Update Windows CI and package FreeImage
  • Fixing deployment induced by FreeImage packaging
  • New version of the segment detector in Scribo module.
  • Update range-v3 to version 0.12.0
  • Fix horizontal cut issue
  • Fix Conan recipes due to update to 1.56.0
  • Update according to Conan v2
  • Fix conan create on GCC 10
  • feat(scribo): update
  • Fix CI to publish into public/${branch_name} for all branches.

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