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馃摝 Dependencies versions bump

Edwin Carlinet requested to merge development/requires-version-bumps into master

馃摝 Dependencies have been updated to make Pylene compile on Windows.

Public dependencies

  • 馃摝 Freeimage 3.18.0 -> 3.18.0 (Patched)

Private / Test dependencies

  • 馃摝 GTest 1.11 -> [^1.12]
  • 馃摝 Benchmark 1.7 -> [^1.7]
  • 馃摝 cfistio 4.1.0 -> 4.2.0

Minor improvements

  • 馃 Some transitive dependencies (zlib, libwebp) are no more forced in the conanfile.
  • 馃 Simplify CI and build with a unique image, use cmake preset & conan profiles.
  • 馃摝 GTest Mock is no more linked with tests
  • 馃悰 Fix invalid type parameter in cfitsio plugin implementation
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