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Massive removal of the old API.

Edwin Carlinet requested to merge development/cleaning-old-api into development/cpp20

Remove all references to the old API

  • Gray level alias to uint8_t / uint16_t are removed. Use definitions in instead.
  • Reference to value_traits are deprecated (use std::numeric_limits when possible)
  • old IO API is removed #54 (closed)
  • old Morphers are removed #54 (closed)
  • unused utils are removed, other remains in <mln/core/utils/* #54 (closed)
  • Old concepts removed #37 (closed)

Better project architecture #68 (closed) :

  • mln/core/concepts/{image,se,...}
  • mln/core/private/traits/{image,se,...}
  • mln/core/private/categories/{image,se,..}
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